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Public & Private Universities in Kenya: New Challenges, Issues & Achievements

About the Artist

Cover Illustration: A series of 12 woodcuts by Kenyan artist Peterson Kamwathi.

Peterson Kamwathi was born in Nairobi in 1980. He started practicing art full time in 1999 at the Kuona Trust Museum Art Studio where he was exposed to different techniques, including printmaking. Since late 2002 years he has been involved primarily in printmaking, especially monotype and woodcut techniques. His work during this time represents his perspective on the social, environmental and political happenings in Kenya. Kamwathi has had two solo exhibitions and his work has been exhibited in Kenya, the UK, USA, Holland and Denmark. He has participated in the Fontys Acadamie Kenya-Holland Exchange in 2003, the Wasanii International Artists 2004 Workshop in Lamu, Kenya, the Kenya Artists in Residence Program at the University of Kentucky in 2005, and printmaking residencies at the London Print Studio and Bath Spa University College in 2006. He currently works from the Godown Art Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

These 12 color reduction woodcut prints on paper are entitled "Faces 12-24." They are part of a long running series of 36 woodcuts on the theme of ACCESS, which concerns voter registration, photo ID records, individual choices and identities and the struggle of Kenyans to access their right and opportunities among the complexities of modern life.


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